Artist portrait

Atelier Wolfson is an interdisciplinary Leather Design Studio based in Amsterdam, founded by British- Chinese artist and designer Elaine Chan-Perryman. She has a formal background in Applied Arts, British Saddlery and Equestrianism. Before opening her studio in the Netherlands, she previously worked in the fields of Design and Architectural Lighting in London.

Elaine's practice is strongly rooted in craft, showcasing honest and beautiful raw materials. Working almost exclusively with leather, using both contemporary and age-old techniques, she often explores curved lines and geometry to create spaces for reflection. Storytelling, heritage and a respect for craft are important elements of her work.

Inspired by the natural world and human feelings of fragility, sensibility and imperfection, she examines the connection between physical spaces and our mental states. Drawing our awareness to how the environment impacts our daily life and states of well-being. 

Atelier Wolfson was born through passion and imagination to create a new echelon of modern artistry.